Yves Carini has been immersed in music and jazz since his early childhood. Indeed, his father, Jeff Carini, was the youngest composer on Yves Montand’s team. Yves Carini released his debut album in 2005 on the Nocturne label, “Un été parisien”, which sold over 15,000 copies, a performance for an independent jazz album.

Yves is supported on this occasion by Jazzmag, Classica-Repertoire, Le Parisien and Gala magazine. Produced by Niels Lan Doky, and integrating the rhythmics of Diana Krall, this album will open the doors of international festivals such as the Dubai International Jazz Festival or the Liège Jazz Festival.
Yves released a second album, “Midnight Rendez Vous”, also on the Nocturne label, in 2007, with the support of Philippe Saisse, among others. Sales were even more promising than those of the previous album, rapidly rising to over 8,000 copies. Unfortunately, the Nocturne label was hit hard by the global crisis of 2008 and had to stop its activities. The artist is all the more affected as his production structure has to bear the brunt of the closure of Nocturne as a result.
Yves Carini then decided to put himself aside, concentrate on creation and live performances, to rebuild himself and come back with a very solid album to offer to his public. He spent a lot of time in his homeland, Sicily and Los Angeles.

The story of the new album “The way you are”
It was in 2016 that Yves Carini put together a team for his new album project “The way you are”. He decided to set the bar high, and took the option of an American-style production. In the middle of working on his repertoire, recording demos, and artistic direction, he receives an incredible musical boost: Jorge Calandrelli, the arranger/director of Tony Bennett, Andrea Bocelli, Stevie Wonder, Michael Bublé, nominated 28 times for a Grammy Award, is totally seduced by his voice and absolutely wants to be part of the new project.
They will be joined by a second arranger/producer: Randy Waldman (Seal, Barbara Streisand, Beyoncé…). The French crooner found himself with a veritable “dream team” for this album, the team (producers/arrangers, sound engineers, musicians) accumulated and exceeded 40 Grammy Award nominations, a first for a French jazz artist. After months of intensive demo work, American coaching and repertoire selection, Yves Carini flew out to Los Angeles, heading for Capitol Studios, Hollywood, Frank Sinatra’s studio and Dean Martin’s, among others. We are in August 2017. The vocal parts are realized in 2 days and a half, and the rhythm is recorded the other days. The team present is outstanding: Jorge Calandrelli who directs the sessions, Randy Waldman, Christian Jacob, Vinnie Colaiuta, Tom Scott, Larry Koonse, Kevin Axt, Ray Brinker and at the analogical console, Don Murray.

The sound result is phenomenal, not to mention the team’s unfailing complicity. Yves returned to Chantilly while Jorge worked on the orchestral arrangements. The orchestra’s recording was made in Paris, in February 2018, Studios de la Grande Armée, with the musical team of “The Artist”, under the direction of Jorge Calandrelli, who made the special trip from Los Angeles for the occasion. The moment of recording is intense, the master arranger is not in the habit of revealing his arrangements before the studio, just making the spirit and direction of the recording feel. Jorge’s genius was well and truly on show, with the French team discovering arrangements of absolute, timeless, cinematographic distinction, respecting each note sung by Yves, highlighting his delicacy, the accuracy of his interpretation, his scats. With the team of Scoring Productions, 5 songs are recorded in 3 hours, the 39 classical musicians, the artistic direction ensuring a musicality and concentration without fail. The album is mixed by Don Murray at Capitol Studios, under the supervision of Cyrille Totozafy, artistic director of the project. It was then mastered by Bernie Grundman in Hollywood.

The way you are“, expected in the second half of 2020, celebrates in music those values that make the crooner so timeless: romantic elegance, fascination for the eternal feminine, gallantry, the search for pleasure in distinction, seduction in gentleness…